Get a lifelong installation with hardwood flooring

Get a lifelong installation with hardwood flooring

You may never have to shop for or install another floor covering after choosing solid hardwood flooring. With professional installation, the floors can last more than 100 years, and sometimes more.

If you visit any local historic building, you'll likely see hardwood floors 100 to 200 years old. And here are some reasons why this lifespan is possible.

Why does hardwood last so long?

One of the main reasons for the longevity of this material line is its extensive durability. Since it’s an all-natural material, it withstands most daily wear.

Protecting this flooring from excessive humidity and liquids is vital to prevent warping, cracking, splitting, and buckling. Our hardwood flooring company offers professional installation, finishing, and sealing, so you’ll see impressive results, even in kitchens and foyers.

The many benefits of hardwood flooring

One of the best characteristics of this flooring line is the extensive ability to customize visuals. You can choose species types, stain colors, finishes, textures, and installation layouts, to create the beautiful flooring you need most.

But you'll also find this flooring hypoallergenic, easy to clean and maintain, and perfect for every room. Consider every option that could potentially meet your specific requirements for wood flooring results you’ll love year after year.

If you have more questions about this flooring line or installation, speak with an associate while you're here. We have the answers, products, and services you want and need.

Visit us for all your hardwood flooring needs

Mr. B's Flooring is proud to offer flooring that meets all your remodeling needs, from product selection to installation. Our associates are ready to work with you to ensure your most successful results for any size project.

Please stop by our showroom in Spencer, IA, to get your hardwood flooring experience started any time. We proudly serve Spirit Lake, Hartley, Emmetsburg, Okoboji, and Storm Lake residents, so visit us today.
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