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What you’ve been missing in ceramic & porcelain

Many floor coverings are most noted for their functionality, however ceramic & porcelain tile add an elegance that’s hard to miss, evenat the most minimal level. In adding to serving many beneficial purposes and having an impressive lifespan, these two materials add class and style to discerning homes all across the country. If you’ve been searching for just a bit more in flooring, this could be exactly what you need.

At Mr. B’s Flooring, you’ll find all the answers to your flooring questions in addition to excellent selections of products and services. From our showroom in Spencer, Iowa, we serve the areas of Spirit Lake, Hartley, Emmetsburg, Okoboji, and Storm Lake, and we’d love the opportunity to be your go-to flooring store as well. To find out how we turn one-time customers into repeat customers, just stop by and see for yourself.

Ceramic & porcelain for every room

The days of considering ceramic & porcelain tile a bathroom floor covering only are gone. While it’s an excellent application of the product line, it certainly isn’t the only suitable placement. The fact is, these can aptly be placed in any room in your entire home and still look and function just as well.

One of the biggest benefits of ceramic & porcelain tile is its resistance to moisture, humidity, spills, and water in general. The very thing that makes it a perfect floor covering in the bathroom also makes it suitable for the rest of the house as well. For instance, you won’t have to worry about spills in the kitchen, or messes in the living room ever again.

At the same time, it’s an excellent choice for those who have a designer’s flair. Tile can be cut into intricate shapes and sizes, even as small as a postage stamp, to create amazing mosaics with stunning detail. On the other hand, porcelain offers beautiful all-natural looks that can match any decor and it seems to last a lifetime.

Speaking of lifespan, most tile floors easily last 30 to 40 years, with some lasting even longer. Proper care and maintenance are always called for, and pay off with the longest lifespans possible.

For the absolute best results, make sure you use a professional installation service for your ceramic & porcelain tile. A very dense and hard material, tile can be damaged unless it’s installed by experienced installers who have access to the necessary specialized tools.

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