Carpet comes in luxurious and functional styles

Carpet comes in luxurious and functional styles

There's an ideal carpet for every lifestyle and every decor. Soft and luxurious styles are great for bedrooms and family rooms. Functional styles that warm cement slabs in basements and on porches are available in many attractive types. Pet-friendly brands are hard to stain and easy to clean. Don't forget about stairs, where carpeting is sure to provide cushioning in case of a fall. Mr. B's Flooring, a carpet store in Spencer, Iowa, has the perfect product for every space in your home. We offer products from top companies like Karastan and Mohawk.

Natural carpet fibers

Sisal, cotton, and jute are some of the natural fibers used to create area rugs. Wool is the only natural fiber used in wall-to-wall carpeting. Karastan, established in the 1920s, produces superior wool carpeting. New Zealand wool, prized for its whiteness that readily accepts and retains color, is the fiber of choice for this innovative company. Karastan gained notoriety almost a century ago for its machine-made Oriental rugs that closely mimic hand-made Oriental rugs.

Synthetic carpet fibers

Nylon has been the most popular synthetic fiber for decades. It resists matting and crushing, and it bounces back after heavy objects are removed. Triexta, first available in 2009, is another durable fiber. Mohawk produces SmartStrand, a pet-friendly broadloom made of a type of Triexta containing corn sugar instead of petroleum. Polypropylene tolerates moisture, while acrylic is similar to wool in appearance and feel.

Mr. B's Flooring boasts an experienced carpet installation team that travels to homes in Iowa communities like Spencer, Spirit Lake, Hartley, Emmetsburg, Okoboji, and Storm Lake. You can begin your carpet upgrade by shopping our online catalog. Then our flooring specialists can show you samples in our showroom in Spencer or your home. Besides our shop at home service, we offer services that range from re-stretching and custom area rugs to design consultation and kitchen and bath remodeling. Flooring estimates are free.